About Massage Therapy

Why Massage?


Massage is known to provide specific benefits for all the body’s systems, as well as assisting relaxation and aiding general wellbeing. Massage can be very effective as part of a modern health-promotion regime alongside diet, exercise and rest. And it feels good and helps you feel good about yourself.


Massage is often thought of as a treatment for stress, and it is. Stress exhibits itself in the poor functioning of all the body’s systems, and particularly in tension and muscular pain. The therapeutic effect of touch is most obvious in its ability to relieve this tension.

Skin and Muscle Care and Repair

Massage is the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues. Massage improves circulation in the skin and muscles, aiding the removal of wastes and toxins and improving tone, elasticity and flexibility. It can help to relieve pain in tight muscles and joints and to aid repair of muscles damaged through over-use or injury.

Part of Your Life

As with exercise and diet, massage can be seen either as a cure for a condition or as a regular part of a lifestyle. Whereas occasional massage is certainly a treat, there are additional benefits to be had from regular treatments.

A massage is a rare sort of treat: something that pampers you and does you good at the same time.